visual story telling is our expertise

By our very nature, we human beings are story tellers. From the earliest days of pre-history sitting by the glow of the fire telling stories to make sense of the mysteries of the life & world all the way to myths, fables, fairy-tales, poetry and ballads to the invention of the novel, tv and movies — stories are both how we make ourselves understood to others and how we understand other people and the world around us.​​

Genesis and inception of Silk Road Tales was born out of a story in 2012 when two of our founding members decided to pursue their passion of life. We believe everyone deserves to have a story told and we are there to help in crafting stories with care, creativity and cutting edge technology to produce stunning and immersive visual experience.

Our workplace & craft is managed by young, dynamic and qualified people having specilaity in various fields of visual art and they are core strenth of our organization. We tell our story of success through successes of visual stories we make for corporate and individual customers.

Core Team